Monday, 30 January 2012

Sorry I haven't blogged for the last 2 weeks but things been up and down. Firstly I will let you all know how ive been getting on with my weight loss journey. 2 weeks ago I lost 2.5lbs and then last week I lost 2lbs. Which means that in 3 weeks I have lost 7.5lbs, which was my 1st mini goal that i had set myself. I had given myself 2months to lost 1/2 stone so I'm so pleased to have got to that goal in only 3 weeks. My next goal is to get to 14st 2lbs.
Here are the cards I made last week.
   This card is made using blue marble effect papers, spotty background paper from the boys nursery collection. decoupage is forever friends and silver prams were gifted by a friend.
 This card was made using card candi from craftwork cards, im affraid i dont know where the paper or topper came from as it was gifted by a friend.
 This card was made using card candi from craftwork cards, the topper was gifted by a friend and the backing paper was a freebie from a magazine

This card was made using plain white card as the base card, blue marble effect paper, silver mirri card that was embossed using a star embossing folder. The digi stamp im affraid i cant remember where i got it from so if anyone knows please let me know and i will give credit to the lovely artist. I coloured in the image using promarkers,

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hello there everyone. Hope your all OK and having a good day. Got my 2nd weigh in tonight and I'm really nervous, I've stuck to my diet but some days i haven't eaten enough so I'm worried that i wont have lost tonight.
Haven't made any cards as i have been busy but hopefully will get some done in the next couple of days.
Sorry bout the short and sweet post but in a lot of pain with my back - I suffer server chronic back pain and some days i cant walk.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Hello Everyone.
My name is Sian, I'm 27 years old, I live in Amesbury, Wiltshire with my hubby Mark and 2 boys Andrew-5 and Anthony-3. I have decided to create a blog to do with my card making,general life and my weight loss journey. I suffer with serve depression and serve chronic back pain, I started making cards in October 2010 as a hobby to help my depression, i started making so many i didn't know what to do with them so a friend suggested that i sell them. At first i wasn't sure they were good enough but she made me realise they were. I have been trying to improve my skills ever since then and love making them.

My Weight Loss Journey - The start
I decided on 5-1-12 to take the big step I've been thinking about for a while and to join weight watchers.It took lots of guts to get on the scales for the 1st time at the meeting and i have to admit i did have a little cry when i got home, i was not expecting the scales to read 15st 2.5lbs as i thought i was 14st. I've been doing ww for 1 1/2 weeks now and on 12-1-12 i had my 1st weigh in, i was crapping myself as i was dreading not losing any weight but i was so pleased when i was told i had lost 3lb. I am half way through week 2 and i have been very good making a note of everything I've eaten. It is weigh in day on Thursday so here is hoping I've lost this week.

My cardsI had a little break over xmas and the new year from making cards so last week i decided to try and get my mojo back. I have made a few this week so will add them below, will try and add what i used if i can remember as some bits I have been given so don't know the names of.
 Valentines day card £3 - Made using forever friends decoupage, sentiment and matching paper. The red paper i have used has a texture to it and i think is from the paper cellar. I have also used red and gold card candi from craftworks.
 Mothers day card £3 - Made using a topper a friend sent me which i believe came from the tatty teddy cd, pink and lilac card candi from craftworks, purple pearlescent paper embossed with a flower embossing folder, pink paper from wild rose studio - in love with Japan paper pack. 
 Mothers day card £3 - Made using forever friends decoupage and sentiment. Base card is a scalloped easel  from craftworks, not sure who the backing paper is by as it was a gift from a friend. Card candi used is wedding silver and lilac from craftworks.
 Valentines day card £3 - Made using a Winnie the pooh pyrimage from studio light. Base card is a scalloped easel from craftworks, Red textured paper from paper cellar and cream pearlescent paper embossed using a swirls embossing folder.
 Mothers day card £3 - Made using a Eeyore pyrimage from studio light. Pink pearlescent card stock embossed with a flowers embossing folder and pink marble effect paper.
 Mothers Day card £3 -Made using jolly nation housework decoupage. Base card is a scalloped edge card from craftworks. Backing paper is papermania - henbury lane collection and lilac pearlescent paper. Also used pink card candi from craftworks.
 Valentines day card £3 - Made using forever friends decoupage and backing paper. Also used red textured paper from paper cellar and wedding silver card candi.
Mothers day card £3 - Made using jolly nation decoupage and matching paper. Also the spotty paper came from a forever friends set, pink marble effect paper and diamante stick ons.