Sunday, 20 January 2013

Long time no see

Hello everyone.
I am so sorry that i haven't been active in a long time, tbh i forgot that i had a blog but i promise that i am going to be more active on my blog from now on. A lot has happened since i last posted, after 5 long years of my health being so so bad i finally have the answers as to whats wrong. I have found out that i have M.E, fibromyalgia, server chronic back pain, server depression, server anxiety as well as asthma. What hit me even harder was just before xmas i was told by my gp that there is nothing more that the NHS can do for me, i left the dr's devastated but i'm trying so hard to not let it get me down and i'm not going to take no for an answer, I'm looking into alternative therapies. The only thing that's kept me sane this last couple of months is my children and card making.

I have been doing lots of colouring with my promarkers but haven't turned most of them into cards atm, they are in a nice little folder ready to make them into cards. I have 2 great card to show you tomorrow (need to take pics of them) they are both bespoke cards for 2 customers, 1 is a betty boop on a motorbike valentines day card and the other is man with an ipad but has a twist which i shall reveal tomorrow ;)

I am off now as in a lot of pain today and stuck in bed :( can only sit up for short periods of time atm so need to lay back down. Hope your all doing well.

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