Sunday, 27 April 2014

Valerie's Daughter Katlynn - Her give away.

The other owner Valerie of JIC is doing a give away for her daughter Katlynn. Unfortunately Katelynn is very poorly and Valerie is doing a give away to lift Katlynn's spirits. I will post below what Valerie has said on her blog so you know the info, also here is the link to her blog so you can go on there and follow the instructions on how to be in the chance to win the candy and also to help lift Katlynn's spirits. Please help lift her spirits and send her your thoughts etc.

" As many of you know it, I have 5 children among whom a 5-year-old girl, Katlynn. For 9 weeks now, she is sick. She began with a flu, then one week later, a pharyngitis and finally, 5 days after the end of her treatment antibiotic, a second pharyngitis. After two new bottles of antibiotic to be taken, she continued to have a temperature. On April 12th, our doctor decided to make her a big blood test and an urine test. The results of these analyses show us that she has a mononucleosis, a cytom√©galovirus, a viral hepatitis and an infection urinaire. It has been 9 weeks since she non-stop falls ill. At the beginning of last week, we had to go to a pediatrician's who, having seen the results of analyses and having sounded her, decided to hospitalize her. She will be spread during another three weeks if everything is well. "

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